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Champagne Bronze Cabinet Hardware

Welcome to the forgehardwarestudio.com blog. Today we're discussing champagne bronze cabinet hardware and faucets in the same finish. You're renovating and you found the perfect faucet from Delta in a beautiful subtle Champagne Bronze finish. You fall in love and decide to purchase and sort out the rest of the details later. Then you realize your beautiful faucet needs matching cabinet hardware. We're here to help!


We offer a wide variety of champagne bronze cabinet hardware including cabinet knobs, drawer pulls and appliance handles in a variety of sizes, which you can see here. Some of our best collections are featured below.  

champagne bronze forge hardware studio

 Champagne Bronze "Avenue" Cabinet Knobs and Drawer Pulls 
champagne bronze drawer pullsChampagne Bronze "Kent" Drawer Pulls and Knob

 champagne bronze cabinet hardware

Champagne Bronze "Moderna" Drawer Pulls and Cabinet Knobs

 Does all champagne bronze hardware have the same finish? 

This is the main question we get when it comes to champagne bronze hardware. The answer is not simple but the best advice we can give is that if you want your items to match perfectly then it is best to use items from the same collection. Some collections such as the Moderna collection above have a very wide range of style choices and sizes and therefore you have a lot of options. 

In most instances we think that champagne bronze cabinet hardware such as knobs and handles from different collections can be combined as the finish is very close to one another. However, we know there are instances where putting items from different collections side by side closely could make them look like they're not a perfect match. In our view, it's easy to see the difference when you hold them side by side but not once installed in a kitchen because all the champagne bronze finishes are indeed very close to one another. 

As a result, we recommend that if you wish to use items from different collections that you order one piece from each collection as a sample and test it out in the space where you intend to use them. We believe that once you do that you will likely notice that they will go great together. However, if you disagree because you prefer a perfect match then you save yourself from placing a larger order before you're sure you love the items. 

Here are a few more examples of this magnificent champagne bronze finish which is perfect for so many applications. 

Champagne bronze knobs and t-bar drawer pulls

Champagne Bronze "Dash" T-Bar Cabinet Knob and Drawer Pulls

Champagne Bronze Edge Drawer Pulls

Champagne Bronze Edge Drawer Pulls

Champagne Bronze Cabinet Knobs and Drawer Pulls

Champagne Bronze "Core" Cabinet Knobs and Drawer Pulls

 In any event, whenever you're considering using champagne bronze cabinet hardware for your project, always feel free to email us with questions at hello@forgehardwarestudio.com



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