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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I order a Sample Before Placing a Large Order?

Yes, to avoid costly mistakes, we recommend that clients wishing to place a large order first order a sample//single item to ensure that you are satisfied with the finish and other characteristics of the product. Please make sure to review our return policy before ordering any items from us, including samples.

When Will I Receive My Purchase If I Am a U.S. Buyer?

Most of our items are delivered in 4-8 business days. However, some items may have a longer lead time and this information is available within each listing if the lead time is longer.

When Will I Receive My Purchase If I Am an International Buyer?

As an international buyer, you can access the items lead time for each listing for each item on the "Shipping & Policies" tab right underneath the photos. It will say "Ready to ship in ..." However, the specific delivery time varies for each country and may also depends on customs processing for each individual country. Please contact us for information regarding your specific country.

What Is Your Return Policy?

Although we do accept returns, we require all buyers to review our return policy before placing an order from us so that you can make an informed decision. If you still have questions after reading our return policy, please send us a message. We will answer in no time!