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Forge Hardware News

Elevating Your Kitchen Renovation with Knurled Cabinet Knobs and Drawer Pulls

Renovating your kitchen is an exciting project that allows you to infuse your personality and style into one of the most important spaces in your home. While the choices for cabinets, countertops, and appliances are essential, the devil is in the details. One often overlooked yet significant detail that can make a big impact on the aesthetics and functionality of your kitchen are cabinet knobs and drawer pulls. And when it comes to adding a touch of sophistication and grip, knurled cabinet knobs and drawer pulls can be the perfect choice.
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Champagne Bronze Cabinet Hardware

Welcome to the forgehardwarestudio.com blog. You're renovating and you found the perfect faucet from Delta in a beautiful subtle Champagne Bronze finish. You fall in love and decide to purchase and sort out the rest of the details later. Then you realize your beautiful faucet needs matching cabinet hardware. 
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Lew's Hardware Featured Collection by Lewis Dolin

Lew's Hardware Featured Collection by Lewis Dolin

Lewis Dolin is the award-winning designer behind Lew’s Hardware™ who brings a clean and fresh look to the decorative hardware market. Lew's Hardware features top-ranked collections of brushed brass bar cabinet knobs, drawer pulls and appliance handles chosen by designers over and over to add the finishing touch to award-winning projects. 
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What is an appliance pull? What is the difference between an appliance handle and a standard drawer pull?

What is an appliance pull? What is the difference between an appliance handle and a standard drawer pull?

Have you ever wondered why some items are labeled as an appliance pull and what is the difference between an appliance handle and a standard drawer pull? Because we know it tends to be confusing, we're here to explain. First and foremost, see the following picture where you can see the first obvious difference between the two items, the thickness of the bar. There's also the mounting hardware that is used to install the item. In this item we explain many useful points regarding appliance handles and their use. 

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Matching Forge Hardware Brass Finishes

Matching Forge Hardware Brass Finishes

This page will help you choose items with similar finishes in the event that you do not wish to purchase all brass finish knobs and pulls from the same collection and instead you wish to use brass finishes that are from different hardware collections but look similar. In this article, we tell you what items match our most popular collection of Texture Knurled items as well as the Lew's Hardware brushed brass bar pulls and many other brass hardware collections so we can make the job of cross-matching so much easier. 

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Forge Hardware News - Unlacquered Brass Hardware

Forge Hardware News - Unlacquered Brass Hardware

In this edition of Forge Hardware Helpful Guides we've put together a roundup of beautiful unlacquered brass cabinet hardware, including our favorite unlacquered brass cabinet knobs and pulls, including unlacquered round knobs and even unlacquered brass cup pulls. These items have a living finish and will acquire beautiful patina overtime.
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Ikea Ivar Hack White Paint Brass Handles

Ikea Ivar Office Cabinet Hack Tutorial

A brief tutorial of our Ikea Ivar Hack featuring our European Round Bar 17-5/8" Drawer Pulls by Forge Hardware Studio
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unlacquered brass kitchen hardware

Unlacquered Brass Cabinet Hardware Knobs and Pulls

This post features unlacquered brass cabinet knobs, unlacquered brass drawer pulls and unlacquered brass appliance handles. Forge Hardware has a unique collection of unlacquered brass hardware to fit all your home and kitchen renovation needs where unlacquered brass hardware that will acquire a patina will go well. The living finish on unlacquered hardware is like no other and it's a perfect design element for those looking for an elegant but modern touch.
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How can I tell if the knob I am purchasing is lacquered or unlacquered? Will my pieces patina over time?

How can I tell if the knob I am purchasing is lacquered or unlacquered? Will my pieces patina over time?

In this blog post we explain the different terms related to brass hardware finishes and whether it will patina over time, which may depend on whether your brass hardware is lacquered or unlaquered. In summary, a large majority of the brass hardware sold nowadays is lacquered because clients like the brushed brass look and want to maintain it over time, which is a low-maintenance option as lacquered hardware only needs to be wiped with a cloth to clean.
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Introducing the Lew's Hardware Brushed Brass Collection

Introducing the Lew's Hardware Brushed Brass Collection

Forge Hardware Studio is now offering a broad range of Lew's Hardware, by the award-winning designer Lewis Dolin. The many items in the Lew's Hardware range has brought a fresh look to the decorative hardware market. The bar pulls are a simple geometric form which provid great versatility in their application. Because all Lew's items in brushed brass come in the same finish, they can be mixed and match among other Lew's items. The Disc Knob for example, can be combined with both the bar Collection, the Round Bar Collection and the Barrel Collection.

Lew's Hardware Brushed Brass Drawer Bar Pulls

We offer both of Lew's Hardware most popular collections, which include the Bar Series and the Round Bar series, both offered in a beautiful solid brushed brass. 

Brushed Brass Bar Series

1.75" Bar Knob [31-101]

brushed brass t-knob 31-101 lew's hardware


5" Bar Handle [31-102]

This size features a 5" overall length and 3" hole spacing.


lew's hardware brushed brass 31-102

7" Bar Handle [31-103]

This size features a 7" overall length and adjustable 3" or 3-3/4" hole spacing.


Lew's 31-103 Brushed Brass



10.5" Bar Handle [31-104]

This size features a 10.5" overall length and 6" hole spacing.

lew's hardware brushed brass 31-104

14" Bar Handle [31-108]

This size features a 14" overall length and 10" hole spacing.


Lew's Hardware 14" handle brushed brass

18" Bar Handle [31-105]

This size features a 18" overall length and adjustable 12" or 15" hole spacing.


lew's hardware 31-105 brushed brass

24" Bar Handle [31-106]

This size features a 24" overall length and adjustable 16" or 20" hole spacing.

brushed brass long handle drawer pull

Brushed Brass Bar Series

lew's round brass bar collection

Round Bar Knob [31-111]

Bar Length 2"  

lew's round bar knob


Round Bar 5" Handle [31-112]

This size features a 5" overall length and 3" hole spacing.

lew's hardware 31-113 brass drawer pull

Round Bar 7" Handle [31-113]

This size features a 7" overall length and 3" hole spacing.

 lew's hardware 31-113


Round Bar 10.5" Handle [31-114]

This size features a 10.5" overall length and 6" hole spacing.

lew's hardware 31-114 brushed brass modern handles

Round Bar 14" Handle [31-115]

This size features a 14" overall length and 10" hole spacing.

Round Bar 14" Handle [31-118]

This size features a 14" overall length and 10" hole spacing.

31-114 lew's hardware

Round Bar 18" Handle [31-115]

This size features a 18" overall length and 15" hole spacing.

lew's brushed brass drawer pulls

Round Bar 24" Handle [31-116]

This size features a 24" overall length and 20" hole spacing.

31-116 brass handles for long drawers


This gorgeous disc knob is the perfect match for all your Lew's Handles

Material: Solid Brass
Diameter: 1-1/8"
Base Diameter: 3/4"
Projection: 1-1/4"

solid brass round knob



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What is the difference between brass finishes in cabinet hardware such as polished brass, brushed brass, and satin brass?

What is the difference between brass finishes in cabinet hardware such as polished brass, brushed brass, and satin brass?

Below we explain the subtle difference between the various finishes found in brass cabinet hardware such as brass cabinet knobs, brass drawer pulls, brass appliance handles, and brass kitchen fixtures.

Selecting hardware for your project can be overwhelming enough, right? I mean it's the jewelry of the home, it is so important, but there are so many options and who has the time? You just finished selecting countertops, cabinet styles, you sorted through hundreds of tones of grey (or white or navy!) paint. It seems like the final stretch, you are almost done. Your cabinets are arriving next week (exciting!), and then you realize...no hardware. No hardware! You haven't selected your hardware, and you think well, where do I start? 

Nowadays, it is quite possible that your options will be chrome, polished nickel, satin nickel, matte black, oil rubbed bronze, or last but not least, brass. And so you decide to go with brass because who can resist all the beautiful brass hardware on Pinterest against the gorgeous gray or navy background of a perfectly finished cabinet surface? Then you realize, brass is not just brass there is an overwhelming number of brass finishes, which is where we come in.

We're here to provide you with an easy and quick primer on the main brass finishes. Hopefully, we can at least we can save you time with that step!

By way of summary, we will describe three brass finishes below: (1) Polished Brass, (2) Brushed Brass, and (3) Satin Brass. We will also discuss a bit of champagne bronze which is technically not called brass but it has soared in popularity among brass lovers.

Polished Brass 

Polished Brass Bar Drawer Pulls

Pictured: Lew's Hardware Bar Pulls in Polished Brass

Lew's Hardware's drawer pulls and knobs are a perfect example (pictured above). Polished brass most often means it is solid brass that has been polished and finished with a lacquer to prevent tarnishing and patina over time. Polished brass tends to be bright and shiny, and very reflective.

Now, I should note that unlike the Lew's Hardware knobs and handles pictured above, which are solid brass, a similar finish is often found in hardware made of other metal alloys. The metal is sometimes electroplated and similarly finished with a lacquer. Though not as heavy as brass, other metals can also have a beautiful finish, which will often be called polished brass. In such a case, it will be due to the similarity of the finish to polished brass, but it may not be solid brass. Such is the case with our gorgeous Luna Brass Cabinet Handles pictured below:

Polished Brass Drawer Pulls

Pictured: Luna Brass Cabinet Handles

Brushed Brass

 Brushed brass is one of the most popular finishes of the past few years and its popularity can be easily explained: this finish is modern and can make a statement without being flashy, and it can be bright and warm at the same time. Now, as to what the finish looks like, brushed brass tends to have tiny brush marks throughout, as it someone slightly wiped the surface with steel wool. Again, Lew's Hardware is a great example of the perfect finish. These designer pulls offered in a squared t-bar and round version flaunts that brushed finish for a modern and elegant look.

Lew's Hardware Brushed Brass Drawer Pulls


Lewis Dolin  

Brushed Brass Mid-Century Cabinet Knob

 Pictured: McCobb Style Mid-Century Brass Cabinet Knob

Satin Brass

Last but not least, another popular finish that has many fans in the design world, satin brass. Though the term is used interchangeably with brushed brass due to their similarities, satin brass is, in fact, a bit different from brushed brass, mainly because it does not feature the distinctive brush marks that characterize the brushed brass finish. Ultimately, we see customers use the two finishes interchangeably because you usually have to look at brushed brass very closely to find that it's not satin brass.

Our Luxe collection is a perfect example of the beauty the satin brass finish has to offer. The Luxe collection features a wide range of sizes, many matching knobs and two sizes of satin brass appliance handles. 

Forge Hardware Studio Satin Brass

Now, it's important to note that not all satin brasses are created equal. While the finish is matte and beautiful on all satin brass hardware, the tone of the brass itself can have slight variations among different collections so it's important to always either use items from the same collection or send us a quick email (of chat!) so we can point you to all the matching items. For example, the Freestone collection has a  different satin brass tone than the Luxe collection above, even though they are both made with satin brass finish.

Forge Hardware Studio Satin Brass Kitchen Handles


As you can see, satin brass is not shiny, it is sort of matte and offers the perfect balance of gleam. Satin brass is soft, which you will notice when you enter the room, and you will notice it for the right reasons: because it looks perfect against every background color, navy, white, gray, you name it! Satin brass is the cabinet hardware that makes a subtle statement: it's bold and also elegant.

Satin brass is often finished with a top coat/lacquer so that the beautiful finish is maintained through time. For that reason, satin brass finishes often do not patina. This is not to be confused with the living finish of plain brass, which may look similar but will patina over time since that is what brass naturally does. It may be difficult to tell whether your brass item will patina or not, therefore sometimes it is important to ask the manufacturer or supplier whether the item is lacquered (if this is important to your vision for the project). In our case, all items are lacquered unless the title or descriptions specifically states that the item is unlacquered.

Last but not least, we bring you our forever loved Texture collection of satin brass knurled drawer pulls, knobs and appliance handles, which has a satin brass finish that resembles the Luxe collection discussed above. 

Forge Hardware Studio Texture Knurled Brass Drawer Pulls

Now, although this post is meant to cover brass finishes, we did want to quickly cover a very popular finish that is also a designer favorite. The Delta faucet trademark finish called "Champagne Bronze" is a favorite and it has been for some time now. It's a beautiful brass-resembling finish but a little warmer to go well with the champagne bronze finish found in Delta's beautiful faucets. The champagne bronze finish is also fairly matte and modern. 


Delta Champagne Bronze Drawer Pulls Knobs


Below you will see some more examples of this beautiful finish, which by the way also goes well with Brizo's beautiful Luxe Gold. 

Champagne Bronze Forge Hardware Studio

The above Luna pulls come in a beautiful finish that matches the Delta Champagne Bronze faucets and can be used in bathrooms and kitchen renovations alike. 


champagne bronze bar drawer pulls


In addition to the beautiful Dash collection picture in the picture above, we have many other items in the champagne bronze finish to give you many options in the event you are trying to fins cabinetry hardware to match your new fantastic faucet. You can click here, to see more champagne bronze eye candy.

Thank you for reading our post and we hope it proves helpful in selecting the perfect brass cabinet hardware for your project!


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Shanty2Chic Sister Uses Forge Hardware Studio in Newly Renovated Kitchen

Shanty2Chic Sister Uses Forge Hardware Studio in Newly Renovated Kitchen

We are so excited to share the news that Whitney from Shanty2Chic used our European Round Brass Drawer Pulls in her newly renovated kitchen, and the results are stunning. The mix of farmhouse style with satin brass handles in the perfect mix of textures. The Shanty Sisters have an amazing blog, YouTube channel and and HGTV show where they share plans for amazing wood furniture and wood decor. You can find it all here m.youtube.com/user/shanty2chic?

You can see the stunning farmhouse style kitchen with beautiful grey cabinets and brass handles from Forge Hardware Studio in Shanty2Chic's Instagram page: 


Here are some photos from their Instagram page:


[All photos property from Shanty2Chic's Instagram page]

As you can see Whitney mixed beautiful textures and colors including grey cabinets with warm wood and brass. Love it all! We love the grey cabinet trend because it provides an excellent background for the brass drawer pulls to stand out.

Thank you Whitney for sharing this amazing project! 

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