Unlacquered Brass Cabinet Hardware Knobs and Pulls


Unlacquered Brass is unfinished raw brass that darkens and develops patina as it ages. In this post we discuss the qualities and characteristics about it along with the knobs, pulls, and cabinet latches that reflect this beautiful finish.

Unlacquered brass is not for the perfectionist. It is generally better suited for a person who likes a bit of age and the unique appearance that comes with a. living and changing finish.


unlacquered raw brass knob


Unlacquered brass hardware is classic and timeless and in this age of satin and brushed brass finishes it can be more difficult to find than some clients might expect. But if raw brass is what you want, then raw brass you shall have...some things are worth searching for; or at least so we tell ourselves. 

At Forge Hardware we are always striving to carry unique items that our clients want for their projects. Below, you can find the beautiful options of unlacquered brass that we currently offer:

Luxe Collection

This is the unlacquered brass version of our Luxe collection of knobs and pulls. We offer the t-knob and handles reflected below in a large range of sizes, up to 16". The best part of this collection is that it offers a modern design with a timeless finish, offering the best of both worlds.

unlacquered brass modern handles

(Luxe Collection in Unlacquered Brass Available Here)

This same collection has other beautiful matching knobs that can be used with the same handles:

unlacquered brass mid century cone knob

(Unlacquered Brass Luxe Cone Knob)


Luxe Unlacquered Brass Whistle Cabinet Knob

(Luxe Unlacquered Brass Cabinet Whistle Knobs)

Luxe Unlacquered Brass Bridge Cabinet Knob

(Luxe Unlacquered Brass Bridge Cabinet Knob

In addition to the Luxe unlacquered brass collection, we offer a more transitional collection called Eloise, featuring Transitional round knobs, unlacquered brass cup pulls and a beautiful unlacquered brass cabinet latch. 

Eloise Unlacquered Brass Round Knob


Unlacquered brass cup pulls


Unlacquered Brass Cabinet Latch

(Eloise Collection)


If you have any other questions related to cabinet hardware, whether unlacquered or not, please contact us at hello@forgehardwarestudio.com



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    Hi, I’m looking for pricing on your unlaquered brass cab hardware. It looks like you sell it, but I can’t see a link to product or pricing or delivery availability. Thank you

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