Matching Forge Hardware Brass Finishes

In this edition of Forge Hardware Helpful Guides, we will help you choose items with similar finishes in the event that you do not wish to purchase all items from the same collection and instead you wish to use brass finishes that are from different hardware collections but look similar.

Satin Brass no. 1 


The following items, which have a satin brass finish and which we're calling "no. 1" for ease of reference have a very similar tone among one another and can be cross-matched and used in the same project, room or piece of furniture.


 Collection Name  Collection Photo

Urban Modern Items

Forge Hardware Brass Knobs
Industrial Modern
Modern Rectangular


Kelly no. 1. no. 2 & no. 3


Satin Brass no. 2

Here we present to you another set of items which have similar tones among them and which we're calling no. 2. This fantastic group of brass knobs and pulls includes are famous Texture Knurled collection as well as the customer favorite Lew's Hardware. 


Collection Name Collection Photo
Texture Knurled 
 Lew's Hardware T-Bar 
Lew's Hardware Round  (Lewis Dolin)
Lew's Hardware Barrell 
Luz Lucite and Satin Brass 



Antique Brass no. 1 

Here's one for the many fans of this antique brass finish, to help you match them in that beautiful kitchen or bathroom you're planning. 


Collection Name  Collection Photo
Rhombus Ring Pulls



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