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Ryan A.
So happy with the product

Could not be more happy with my purchase. The copper pulls and are super high quality and look great. The shipping was extremely quick

Scott A.
Just beautiful

We're redoing the kitchen, and when we were looking for ideas, we hit upon polished copper for the primary accent. Having seen some of the "coppertone" stuff in the big box stores, some with cast ridges that hurt your hand, we wanted something fairly high end and unique. We ordered a sample of each of the polished copper handles, and they arrived yesterday.

The pictures on the website looked good, and my initial reaction was that they must be photoshopped, like the mouthwatering advertising pictures of a fast food burger that looks nothing like the squashed whitebread bun and paper thin burger you get in real life. I was wrong. The real handles and knobs far exceed what the pictures try to portray. Maybe it's because they're obviously made of a solid heavy metal, maybe it's the quality of machining on the discrete screw holes, or even the fact that they really are shinier in real life than the pictures suggest, but whatever the reason, the handles and knobs are quite arrestingly top quality.

And that's important, because as the kitchen accent against plain white wood cabinets, a cheap coppertone version would just look gaudy.